And we’re off…


I went to a food blogger’s conference earlier this year. I met amazing people that are doing amazing things in kitchens much smaller than mine. I met creativity personified. I was inspired. They asked me about my blog. I shuffled my feet.

I told them my story about how I almost bought a charming bakery in a quaint little town steps from a lake. I captivated at least 1 person with my short tale of how I nearly quit my shitty unfulfilling job with an “I Quit” cookie bouquet. The cookies were baked, stuck on the sticks. The arrangement was as bitter sweet as 2 pounds of confectioner’s sugar could be.  Then at the 11th hour – I did not buy a charming little bakery in a lake laden town.

I had everything in place, blog, website, LLC, insurance, hope, support, encouragement, to buy a bakery that I didn’t buy.

I became reflective. I stopped baking. I stopped bringing in treats for my co-workers. People asked if I was looking at other opportunities and I would smile and reply, “Well, maybe someday I’ll look again.”

Then this summer – I changed jobs.  The heavens parted (largely in part to my family’s devotion to Novenas!)  and I landed a sweet new gig. A gig that means I can only have 1 job vs. the 2 I normally hold down.  It’s always nice to have a spare job when you need it.  I liked my part-time job. I liked the people at my part-time job. They are the ones who pleaded and begged and grovelled and lavished me with undue praise until I started baking again. And now I will only get to see them on the occasional weekend.

God’s timing is funny, however, because no sooner had I mourned my lost wages (and my legions of eaters) I let people know I had time to bake – and they said, “Hey – I need cupcakes for this, and cookies for that, and a cake for this.”

I am blessed beyond words. So this is my blog – starting today – in the middle of the night on a totally random day in August. No grand announcement – no big reveal. But I’m committed to sharing my story a little bit at a time.


I still would like to see someone quit their job with a cookie bouquet. If you know someone and they’ve got an awesome story – send them my way. I’ll evaluate the situation and if warranted I’d gladly send them my Fig Tales special, A “Sugarcoat the Bridge You Burn” Bouquet.