FigTales – Belly’s Birthday Bonanza

FigTales - Belly's Birthday Bonanza

One of my favorite things about Isabel is that she proudly goes by “Belly” – not Bel or Izzy (although Nana Pat does call her that). But for the most part it’s Belly all the way. Also, a little prayer that these particular cookies arrive with their heads intact would be appreciated. (A headless cookie still tastes the same…but the excitement dwindles a bit!)


FigTales – Giraffes

FigTales - Giraffes

My sister recently ordered cookies. She said, “My Boss Likes Giraffes” – and I said, “Um…long skinny neck cookies don’t ship well.” And like a good little sister she said, “Whatever you do is fine. I love you. You’re my favorite sister.” And said, “Well…as long as I’m your favorite sister.”