Lego Heads – Wink if you Love ‘Em

Lego Heads - Wink if you Love 'Em

Grace’s brother Evan had a birthday the next week and celebrated at Lego Land. He celebrated with some bright yellow smiley lego heads.

I’m loving how the sunglasses guys turned out!


Is There a Doctor in the house?

A really dear friend of mine texted the other day with a very sweet request. Could I send a couple of cookies to her Mom & Dad. Dad has had some medical issues lately, Mom’s had a rough time too…they needed a little pick me up.

Occasionally the right set comes along at just the right time. Thanks to the amazing tutorials of Callye from The Adventures of Sweet Sugarbelle I was able to create this fine set and pop them in the mail.

They were quite the hit and they are still getting buzz on Facebook!!