Lego Heads – Wink if you Love ‘Em

Lego Heads - Wink if you Love 'Em

Grace’s brother Evan had a birthday the next week and celebrated at Lego Land. He celebrated with some bright yellow smiley lego heads.

I’m loving how the sunglasses guys turned out!


Grace’s Rainbow Shamrock Birthday Cookies

Grace's Rainbow Shamrock Birthday Cookies

Grace’s Birthday is March 16th – so she’s going to have a fair number of Green & Gold & Orange Birthdays in her future. To celebrate this year – she’s got a box of rainbow colored shamrocks and a fantastic rainbow to get the party started. Have a great day Grace!

FigTales – Belly’s Birthday Bonanza

FigTales - Belly's Birthday Bonanza

One of my favorite things about Isabel is that she proudly goes by “Belly” – not Bel or Izzy (although Nana Pat does call her that). But for the most part it’s Belly all the way. Also, a little prayer that these particular cookies arrive with their heads intact would be appreciated. (A headless cookie still tastes the same…but the excitement dwindles a bit!)

FigTales – Giraffes

FigTales - Giraffes

My sister recently ordered cookies. She said, “My Boss Likes Giraffes” – and I said, “Um…long skinny neck cookies don’t ship well.” And like a good little sister she said, “Whatever you do is fine. I love you. You’re my favorite sister.” And said, “Well…as long as I’m your favorite sister.”